How much do you charge?

Our fees are based on the complexity of your case, the length of your trial, and the amount of work required to bring your file to a successful conclusion.  After meeting with us, we will give you a quote for your case that includes preparation, interim court attendances, and your trial itself. There are no hidden fees.

All initial consultations are free.


Can I pay in instaLments?

An initial retainer is required at the outset, however, the completed balance of your fees may not be required until approximately two months before your trial. Arrangements can be made with the individual lawyers to pay your fees in instalments.


Why do I need a lawyer?

A good lawyer knows what to say, when to say it and who to say it to. He or she will manage the risk of a criminal charge by representing your best interests. A lawyer will prepare your case for court, negotiate with the Crown, and appear in court to speak on your behalf. Dealing with the legal system will be far less stressful if you have an experienced trial lawyer on your side.


What should my lawyer be doing for me?

A lawyer speaks on your behalf at all points of the criminal process, and makes sure you understand the situation so that you can make decisions for yourself. Your lawyer should also:

  • Create a defence strategy that protects your full rights at trial
  • Communicate with the prosecutors
  • Consult expert witnesses if necessary
  • Appear in court to speak on your behalf before a judge


What are the consequences of a Criminal Record?

You will have a criminal record if you are convicted of a criminal offence. This may mean:

  • Loss of Freedom – you could go to jail
  • Travel – hassle crossing the U.S. border or entering other countries
  • Money – difficulty obtaining credit from banking and other financial institutions
  • Employment – difficulty applying for jobs (security checks), moving to another province to look for work or even getting a promotion within the same company
  • Housing – difficulty with rental applications
  • Police – future problems dealing with the police and the court system


When is the best time to hire a lawyer?

Call us as soon as possible. The sooner you talk to a lawyer, the better we will be able to help. If you delay calling, you could damage your case by forgetting important details or missing critical deadlines. You will also worry about the consequences of your charge without knowing your options.

Always speak to a lawyer before agreeing to enter a guilty plea.

A criminal conviction also affects the people who care about you.